Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lonely Me

I Don't know where i am going
and where will i land,
what can i say about my life
its like a lonely beach with white sand...

nothing goes on my side
anything i get i loose,
this is my life
everytime on booze...

roaming all over delhi
with hundreds of people around,
but there is no one with whom
i can share my wounds...

i am abashed with my life
due to what cry
but tears don't flow out of my eyes
because they want me to fly....

ya i know a day will come
when i will smile,
because that will be the day
when god will open my file....
i know we cant be together
the pain will be there forever
i know u r too good for me
then what the abt the feeling i have, cant u see
u told me that we r just friends
and u r commited to someone u changes the trends
i know i cant be that good
but i will love u more than he could
i know i dont cant give u lots of money to live
But love is all i have, which i can give

this is for a girl who always told me that i was just a friend

girl dont act
this is a fact
not a tact
that i am in love with u
its spreading like a flu
in ma body its running thru
and i am sure that u know
i dont have to be a crow
to tell u that u r in ma flow
so why dont you tell me
that u r mine baby
or u r my antii
dont want to play this friend game
i am no more the same
i want u and me in a single frame
if u dont like me plz tell
dont make my life a hell
i assure i wont force u to gel
i will leave u and wont come back
though ma life without you will all be black
but no problem i ll live ma life with this crack
so as i knw that i wont force u for anything
tell me , am i worth becoming ur king
or i should leave ur way and start dieing
i am waiting for u baby
tell me fast as i am going crazy
i am waiting for u baby....